Global knowledge – local nurture


Posted on 16th April 2011 by Judy Breck in Equality | Next | Schools we now have

This post is to suggest a large concept for the future of education. The concept has two parts:

1. The standardized concept is obsolete for knowledge that is nationalized (USA), culturalized (Moslem), state enforced (China).

2. As what is known by humankind becomes a global networked that each youngster interacts with individually, nurture of each child needs to remain individually local.

Let’s say a student in Lincoln, Nebraska with her iPad, a student in Alexandria, Egypt with his Android phone Web browser, a student in Shenzhen, China using a laptop — the three will simultaneously be learning about earthquakes here: Latest Earthquakes in the World

How can it make sense for each of the three to be required to learn from that earthquake webpage different stuff required by education standards in Washington, Cairo, or Beijing? Government, religious, cultural standards become irrelevant when an individual student is interacting directly with globally vetted knowledge.

If we did not have the schools we have now in Lincoln, Alexandria, and Shenzhen, what kind of education would we invent for the new connected world in which our children will live? We need to figure that out.

For sure, our goal is not to fix the schools, it is to educate our kids. And in the process we must be sure they continue to have our nurture at home as knowledge becomes global and virtual.

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