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This section of handschooling.com will cover these ideas:

Citizen demand of their politicians that handschooling be implemented will improve the future of all children across the planet, and prepare their generation to remake the world toward global liberty and peace.

Obamaschool is arriving with little notice. Here a first post about that: Who has given approval to Obamaschool?

Some thoughts on ending the underclass Obamaschool would perpetuate:

Handschooling gets the individual student out of
the grades / curricula / standards boxes, liberating learning.

Handschooling will — at last — break each individual child’s learning free to go beyond the control of education establishments. Sound scary? Nothing scares me more about the future than limiting yet another young generation to the analog, tradition-dominated, doling out of a bit of this knowledge and a bit of that knowledge by some remote priesthood (pedagogical, secular, ideological, political, — yes and/or religious too).

We should all be very afraid of education policy reigning from far away. The range of control and chaos these distant pedagogues cause is wide. There is the sort that pumps gushes of money into celebrating mediocrity which perpetuates an underclass the nanny standard setters can count on to keep them in power. There are tyrannies that nurture hatred and spawn fanaticism in the young, even to the horror of blowing people up. Settling for inferior, and even destructive, education for other people’s children is all too easy when those children are in other people’s neighborhoods and towns and beyond.

While we nurture our children up close, we should strive for equal opportunity to learn for each child. Serendipitously, wonderfully — in the 21st century there is a brand new way to do just that! Handschooling has almost suddenly opened the way for every youngster across the world to learn from a global commons of that is known by humankind.

The 2 new reasons everything can now change:
1) Mobile wireless devices which can browse the internet are already owned by many kids, and will in the foreseeable future be owned by every kid on earth. (Think: let’s get a mobile to more individual kids — each time connecting one more mind to the global knowledge commons network.)
2) What is known by humankind is now accessible through these devices — and not only accessible (open), but interfaced online in the most authentic, up-to-date, interconnected, robust, comprehensive, and vetted form ever available for study. (Wow: a global commons network where everyone learns from the same virtual pages! Educational knowledge resourcing should focus on making this great stuff open and findable — optimizing it to mirror the knowledge we are teaching and learning.)

Handschooling defined: Owning an individual mobile device with wireless broadband browsing activates handschooling for the student it belongs to. Handschooling can happen in classrooms, on school buses, at home, in a village with no school, in a slum with no school, for children schooled at home, for girls not allowed to go to school — and in any other situation where a person’s curiosity motivates him or her to connect to the internet to learn something.

The Handschooling.com blog and website provide ideas and information about why and how the global golden age of learning is arriving. Many posts and articles explain benefits of handschooling; an entire section is devoted to the equality it causes among students.

Handschooling.com is also about how you can help:
1) Equip more and more of the world’s young individuals to take part in handschooling, and
2) Take part in turning on network platformed learning’s natural excellence and equality.

Our lead line on every page says Handschooling.com is about how every student can learn anything — and how you can help. Obviously every student on earth will not master every subject. Yet the each will have that opportunity! Here is an expert opinion: In an early post we quote what Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt told Carnegie Mellon University June 2009 graduates:

Why is ubiquitous information so important? Why is it so important that we have access to all this? It’s a tremendous equalizer. In our lifetime literally — certainly in yours if not mine — essentially every human being on the planet will have access to every piece of information on the planet. This is a remarkable achievement.

Many of the questions people raise about handschooling are discussed in this blog and website under the umbrella of nurture. Of course we all want to keep local the upbringing of our children that the word nurture implies. Handschooling, if anything, keeps nurture local. The fact that a student looks up facts, studies visual materials, reads books — and even takes tests — using an internet browsing device in his or her hand does not make learning less local. As a matter of fact, handschooling depends on the most local of devices: an individual student’s personal mobile web browser. A textbook or learning standard chosen at a state or national level is not local, but in fact takes the knowledge learning aspects of schooling away from children and the adults who nurture them. Education needs to be reconfigured with the delivery of what a student learns accessed from the internet and nurture kept close to each student’s home.

Handschooling.com is the work of Judy Breck, whose background is provided on the Handschooling Author Bios page.

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