A way to bring schooling to Juarez, Mexico

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Posted on 12th July 2011 by Judy Breck in Equality | Mobiles | Schools we now have | Uncategorized

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Thousands of the children of Juarez live in houses like the one shown above. These homes are often a few dozen yards from El Paso, Texas and seldom more that 20 miles from the United States. As you would assume, if these children do manage to go to school they do not learn much.

The little boy in this picture could have a real chance to get a basic education — and maybe a lot more — through handschooling. Wireless is not available yet in most of Juarez, but near the border there is some connectivity. There are Juarez kids who can be connected to the web right now. Each one would need a mobile device with a web browser. The old saying goes, you save one child at a time.

Certainly there are many, many places across the world where this picture could have been taken. Think about it: To assume we can or will provide good schools for all the children living under conditions like these is folly. That simply will not happen. But today, right now, you can connect at least one kid somewhere.

BTW: The picture above is from Siguiendo los Pasos de Jesus (SPJ), which is a truly wonderful and effective project assisting families in Juarez. If you are touched by the plight of Mexican families in the midst of the drug chaos in their country, SPJ is a place where your help will be strong and effective. They are not set up to connect kids for handschooling, but their website describes many other kinds of help that would be meaningful.

Writing from El Paso, where my family has been since before 1900,
Judy Breck.